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Liturgical Committee 

The Liturgical celebrations of a parish community, whether on Sundays, feast days of weekdays, in celebration of the sacraments, or on other occasions, must visibly reflect the involvement and commitment of the members of that faith community. Good liturgical celebrations require the active participation of all members of a parish, from those involved in preparation and minister to those in the congregation who are celebrating the Church's liturgy.  It is with this thought in mind that Sacred Heart Church formed its liturgical committee, which meets on a monthly basis on the last Wednesday of each month from September to June in order to plan for our liturgical celebrations. This committee has attempted to include representation from all the ministries and groups in the parish whose voices need to be heard when planning and preparing for our liturgies.

Parish Council

The purpose of the Parish Council is to advise and assist the Pastor in the service of the Church, as represented by the Parish, the Archdiocese and the people of God throughout the world.  the Pastor is the Presiding Officer of the Parish Council.  There are 12 elected members, four who are appointed by the Pastor for a fixed term – the Parish Secretary is a non-voting member. The Parish Council meetings are guided by the official parish Council Constitution.  The Council meets the first Tuesday of the month, September to June. (Not meeting at present time)

Finance Council 

A Parish Finance Council is required by Universal & Diocesan Law.  Its function is to assist the Pastor who is the administrator of the goods of the parish. The Council coordinates the parish Annual Budget, reviews financial reports, supervises the Church collections and disbursements of funds, coordinates fundraising, and monitors the upkeep of all properties.  This council meets bi-monthly September to June.