Choir members support congregational hymn singing at the Sunday Masses. The members practice one night a week during the fall and winter seasons. New Volunteers are welcome! Contact Susanne Sandness at if you are interested.

Holy Redeemer Pilgrims Choir - Sunday, 10:00 am Mass.


Parish lectors, as readers and bearers of God's word, have the task and responsibility of making the word of God come alive, by proclaiming it for the Christian assembly.  Lectors are called to be a means of grace, a channel through which God can touch and change those who hear the word,

"…instruments that God can use to accomplish the diving will'.

If you are someone who desires to share your gift in the skill of public speaking, let the Spirit of God guide you n the decision to volunteer as a Lector. Contact Brenda Callejia at if you are interested. 


A Minister of the Eucharist is one who serves God's people in a specific way. Our life as Minister of the Eucharist must be one of both being and administering the Body of Christ.

We serve God's people in the following ways:

  • Assisting the priest at Mass by the administration of the Body and Blood of Christ to our fellow worshippers;
  • Bringing Holy Communion to those confined to their homes due to illness or old age;
  •  Giving Viaticum to the dying.

The parish Priest initially asks one to consider this ministry and, after prayer, reflection and training, one is then commissioned. Contact Penny Ehllers at if you are interested. 

Altar Servers

God has been calling people to serve Him from the beginning of time:  Moses, David, Mary, Peter, Paul and the list goes on.  Many young boys and girls hear the call to serve at the altar in their hearts and answer the call by volunteering their services.  The Mass server is a Prayer leader.  By their attentive service they help the congregation to focus and participate in the worship of God.  At Sacred Heart, boys and girls can begin their training at 9 years of age.  The senior servers under the supervision of the Pastor conduct training sessions. Contact Rosetta Flaim at if you are interested.