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The Catholic Women's League

President:  Mrs. Beverly Flanagan


The Catholic Women's League of Canada is the largest National organization of Catholic women in Canada.  It encourages and supports the development of Christian values, particularly in the family.  We support religious, charitable, and community activities.  We participate with other councils across Canada in presenting the views of Catholic women on various issues to the Church, government and society at large.

The Diocese of Toronto officially established the CWL at Sacred Heart Parish on January 17th, 1962.  To-date we have 110 members.

We arrange for presentations and speakers in the parish on various topics of current interest.  We maintain a relationship, cooperate and participate with all other parish groups on request.  We provide and serve funeral luncheons when requested by CWL members.

Meetings on the 3rd Wednesday of each month (Not at present time)

(September – June)  check the Bulletin for dates.